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The Love of...

Myka and Sean

Sean and Myka were married in the Beverly Hills Courthouse, in the very same room where Marilyn Monroe was married! The walls are covered in black and white images of Hollywood celebrities who have tied the knot. Myka and Sean chose an intimate home garden setting for their reception. In these photos, Myka is 38 weeks pregnant with their first son, Bo, and she gave birth the very next week. What a woman!

I felt incredibly beautiful and comfortable on the day.” ~ Myka.

“The dress came perfectly presented in a box and silk garment bag and I was literally able to wear the dress right out of the box on the day with no additional preparation. It was so easy.”

I loved the timeless elegance. The simple design yet intricate details and textures of silk that made this dress feel incredibly unique. It allowed me to embrace the day with confidence.”

“Having a civil ceremony meant I didn’t have to wear a traditional full length wedding gown and I could make an empowering choice when it came to my dress.”

The design of this dress first caught my attention because of its fun, feminine and almost flirtatious feel that perfectly illustrated the excitement and mystery associated with love. It epitomised romance.”

“Being Australian-born and getting married in California, it was really meaningful to have that special tie with a homegrown Australian designer to make it even more memorable.”

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Photography by @zocracha