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At The Love of Grace, we have decided to overhaul our name to give a new meaning to the brand.

It opens up the possibility for us to step outside the safety of our well-known heritage in the bridal realm to embrace new ideologies and focus on new collections, such as Resort and Lola.

Introducing: The Love Of…


The brand is for the woman who is fueled by style, people and planet and knows the impact of the choices that we make in this lifetime. She ignites a fire in those around her and refuses to diffuse it. Seeing the world not as it is, but as it should be, her defining quality is optimism.

The name change also invites the customer to decide what she stands for. What do you stand for?

“When Yves Saint Laurent dropped the Yves, the world turned their heads and asked, “Why?” Hedi Slimane was adamant in the decision to reconnect to the brand’s origins and to open up to a new audience. Fast forward seven years and Saint Laurent has never looked better. Taking a leaf out of their book, The Love of… has redefined itself.” – Sally, Founder.

The collections are custom-made in Australia for the woman who wants versatility in her wardrobe, from office to beach to bar, bridal party, honeymoon and beyond.

“An awakening is in the air. The Love of… woman is an individual, and we embrace this new identity.” – Tara, Founder.

The timeless, limited label is still hand crafted in our heavenly studio in Burleigh, Queensland. The Love of… exudes more confidence and style than ever, in pieces that are designed for limited runs. We can’t wait to show you!

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Available online from March 7th 2019.