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We discovered tips on how to tame a curly mane and get glowing skin, and learnt about the time when Danna thought she might die on set at a photo shoot. Yikes.

What is the best part of working in the fashion industry?

The best part is that no one day is the same; you’re always working on a different set, for a different brand, with a new team and location. There is always a really strong sense of excitement or anticipation. Usually it’s really short notice, but that’s what I love – I’ll be at home chilling and the next minute I’m packing my bags!

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

Cooking or baking! I absolutely love creating something in the kitchen for my family or friends to enjoy. I’ll rarely make the same thing twice because I always love trying new things and challenging myself. I also love reading and writing. I’ll often go to the library on my days off and just sit and read. I love being there as it’s so peaceful.

Your skin is glowing! Any tips?

You are too sweet! I’ve been super interested in skincare for a couple of years now. My favourite thing at the moment has to be LED light facials. They work absolute magic! Initially I was confused, as it’s just a light flashing on your face, but when you feel how plump, glowing, smooth and soft your skin is after, your mind is blown.

Do you remember the moment you decided you wanted to be a model?

Probably around the time I started binge watching America’s Next Top Model when I was 9 years old! I had always desperately wanted to be a model, but I never thought it could actually happen. My journey has been pretty complicated, I had to try really hard for a long time. It was emotionally exhausting. Going through all the rejection, waiting, hoping and investment, without knowing if there would be a payoff at the end was HARD! I wouldn’t change a thing though as it led me exactly where I needed to be.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do on set?

You would be shocked with the kind of acrobatic stuff models are asked to do on set. Like, “Would you mind just standing right at the edge of that cliff and try and look really fierce while you’re there? Also, can you do it in heels? Don’t worry, someone will spot you in case you fall!” And I am deathly afraid of heights. 

What’s your favourite piece at The Love of…?

I’m totally smitten with the Lola Off the Shoulder Dress. I’ll be wearing it to my long birthday lunch and dancing all night afterwards in it! The amount of detailing is amazing. 

I have curly hair but it’s all kinds of wrong – what’s your secret to amazing curls?!

The curly hair took a LONG time to master! I used to straighten it all the time but, luckily, my agency allowed me to embrace my curls and it’s very much a wash-and-go routine. My tips for curly girls are: 

  • Wrap your hair in a t-shirt to dry (don’t use a towel as it causes frizz!)
  • Sleep with a hair mask in your hair as often as you can. Smooth it into a bun before bedtime. The bun locks in the moisture overnight. Wash out the next day with water only – no shampoo. 
  • Add a tiny bit of oil to the ends to enhance the moisture.
  • For styling after washing, use a tiny amount of the mask instead of a leave-in conditioner to scrunch into your curls. Leave-in conditioners can be runny and they don’t hold my curls. The masks are super rich without making curls weird and crispy.
  • Never use a brush, use a wide-toothed comb or just finger comb. 
  • Only shampoo your hair once a week or less with a sulfate-free shampoo.

What does a shoot day look like for you?

A regular shoot day for me usually starts very early. The night before, I organise all my nude underwear, prep my skin and hair and pack my bags. In the morning I drink my coffee and pack heaps of snacks to get me through the day. On arrival I meet the team and spend two hours in hair and makeup – the best part of the day! I love chatting with everyone. Then it’s straight into shooting and there’s not a minute to waste. Constant outfit changes, touch ups and location changes. I feel like Beyonce on tour. I always make sure to stop for lunch. We usually joke and laugh all day, I try not to be too serious. Then it’s all high fives. I love the sense of accomplishment!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I want to live in London. I can’t explain it – it’s just this feeling I have; a deep interest and curiosity for the city, people, culture, history. And the fashion industry in London is something I really want to tackle! 

What’s next for Danna?

I’m nervous but excited for the future. I’m hoping to do a post-graduate degree in veterinary medicine whilst pursuing international modelling at the same time. I don’t know how I’ll do both but I trust that whatever is meant to be will be! 

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