“An awakening is in the air. The Love of… woman is an individual, and we embrace this new identity.” ~ Tara, Founder.

The Purpose

From our heavenly studio in Burleigh, Australia, THE LOVE OF… orchestrates a world of luxury, driven by ethics and creativity. The garments are crafted by Australian makers and designed by a collective of Australia’s leading creative talent. 

Our aim was to build one destination specialising in wedding events and beyond. Whether it be the hens party, flower-crown-making, a luxe picnic, engagement party, cocktail party, the wedding itself, the wedding dance, or the honeymoon, our designs range from relaxed boho to casual luxury to timeless elegance.

We hope our silks can be treasured for a lifetime and even longer than that. Our laces are purchased in limited runs, and we create no more than 20 pieces per style, ensuring you’ll never bump into the same dress at an event. 

Our brand is for the woman who is fuelled by style, people and planet. Seeing the world not as it is, but as it should be, her defining quality is optimism. The name THE LOVE OF… invites the customer to decide what she stands for. What do you stand for?

To create beautiful, timeless, limited and luxe garments that are made ethically – this was our calling. 

The Dress

We meticulously create and beautifully master dresses to fit and move with you. With stretch elements and adjustable features, each garment is ticking all of the boxes, especially comfort and style. 

Our pieces are timeless, classic, beautiful, and versatile, for women who build their wardrobe around memorable pieces and core staples. 

The design process starts with us sourcing the most beautiful fabrics and trims, and then creating sketches and drapery concepts to bring those fabrics to life. It is always the fabric that inspires the design. Each garment is carefully sewn and quality controlled, then packaged in our Burleigh studio before it arrives in your hands. 


“Our aim is to create beautiful garments that can be loved, well cared for and worn again and again. That’s the way that people should shop for clothes and we really want to encourage it.” ~ Penny, Founder 

The People

We are proud to produce every garment in Australia in our studio near the golden beaches of Burleigh. 

The intention to build a community of traditional makers is at our very essence. Our team is made up of a group of designers and dressmakers with a collective global experience.

Our dressmakers build dresses from the heart. Woven into the garments are their tales. 

We craft with meticulous quality, knowing that our garments can be worn again and again. 

Meet the makers.

“Each of us has a true love for beautiful yet sustainable fashion that we all share with each other; we want to share that with the world.”  ~ Leah, Content Creator

The Textiles

We carefully source materials that are sound and considered, both in design and ethics.

Our laces, trims and chiffons are sourced from around the world. We use vintage, off-cut or unused fabrics, providing a short run of precious pieces per style. Each of these pieces is a rare, limited-edition piece. 

Our silks have a liquid quality about them to achieve a beautiful drape. Silk naturally regulates your temperature, as well as being the most hypoallergenic on your skin of all the fabrics. We love that silk moulds to the body and despite its delicate appearance and lustrous finish it is robust and resists soil. The silk collections are a wardrobe investment, to be loved and worn for a lifetime. 

The Ethics

People and planet will always be a driving force behind what we do. This is our commitment to sustainability. 

  • Our laces and chiffons are are either vintage, remnant or off-cut fabrics, making them sustainable and limited. 
  • When fabrics aren’t used in our main collections at The Love Of… we use them in our diffusion Line, Love of Lola which we sell locally at The Village Markets in Burleigh. 
  • Our fabric off-cuts/scraps are sent to Trader Trove, where they hand make ottomans and cushions in Australia, using our fabric as stuffings, and we are still looking into other areas to minimise wastage.
  • We reuse leftover fabric to make the garment bags in delivery. 
  • We use compostable post packaging by Better Packaging Co.
  • Some of our collections are made using silk, which we have found to be one of the most biodegradable and sustainable fabrics.
  • We love using silk because silk garments are to be treasured, re-worn and loved for a lifetime, and even longer than that. We hope these designs can be passed down and become heirlooms in your family. 
  • Our garments are made-to-order, with a quick turn-around, ensuring stock levels aren’t wasted.
  • Everything is designed and manufactured in our studio here in Burleigh, Australia, reducing fashion miles and carbon emissions, by cutting air and sea freight to and from off-shore manufacturers. This not only includes the bulk garments, but the sampling too.
  • Our garments are timeless designs, with the intention of being worn for a lifetime.
  • Every garment is cut, sewn, and QC’d meticulously to ensure longevity.
  • Our workplace encompasses environmentally sustainable practices because we are all immensely passionate about the future of our planet. Some of these include fervent recycling, reduced fabric waste, no single-use plastic, swapping books and home-grown food amongst staff, hand towels in the bathrooms, and recycled toilet paper by Who Gives a Crap.
  • Our store is online only, reducing the carbon footprint of traditional stores by half. (Delivery of garments still better than the transportation of customers and stock.)

Above all, we are an ethical enterprise. In mainstream fashion, the manufacture process, approval process and supply chain can be so long that often companies don’t know who is creating their garments or the conditions in which they are made. We vow to stop being part of this problem.

  • We are providing empowerment to women in Australia who have artisan skills by paying above-fair income.
  • We provide work that is stimulating and far from monotonous in a clean, safe and beautiful workplace.
  • We work in an environment that is kind and caring towards each other.
  • We don’t subscribe to fast fashion because we truly believe that we can stamp out poverty, unfair and slave labour if we refuse to support brands who do so. Almost one billion people live in extreme poverty, and this is something that doesn’t sit well with us. We hope to educate our consumer to understand the impact of their choices.


“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.” ~ Nelson Mandela

The Founders


For Sally, the Creative Director of THE LOVE OF… her childhood infused in her everything she loves about textiles, lingerie and pattern making. Later, France was where she discovered an array of lace suppliers and after moving to Australia, she spent many years designing and producing luxe lingerie under her namesake label with global success. During this time, her daughter Megan had the inspiration to start a bridal brand, and they worked together to fulfil Megan’s dream. Sally and her team have spent nearly a decade designing and manufacturing for this phenomenal brand. Sally fills her days with designing, gardening family, beaching, hiking, travelling, animals, and sustainable living. 


Tara comes from a long line of dressmakers in her family, who instilled in her a love of crafting. This led to the creation of her own label and during this time she was invited by Sally to do some work experience at Sally Jones Lingerie. Tara started by designing lingerie and then wedding gowns as the company quickly grew in the bridal space, and she has never looked back. Tara loves running, yoga, plant-based foods, and her fur-baby Tilley. 


Penny studied fashion and lingerie design in England, then came to Australia for work experience with Sally’s lingerie label. After returning home to England and working as a lingerie designer she crossed paths with Sally regularly at trade exhibitions across Europe and finally made the decision to return to Australia. At that time, Sally’s company was booming and she was hiring a Design Manager. Penny was the perfect fit. Penny loves tea, hiking, yoga, the outdoors and is aiming towards a life of zero waste. 

“I feel like if we can each find the thing in the world that we can act on, no matter how big or small, then we should act on it. That’s what we do here.” ~ Sally, Founder